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My Carolina Lens ... Adventures in Aperture

June 2nd, 2012

My Carolina Lens ... Adventures in Aperture

Welcome! Let me step behind the podium and say, "My name is Lynne, and I'm a photo junkie." (Hi Lynne...) If there is a 12-step program to cure what ails me, I want no part of it!

I have a passion to capture the beauty I see around me. The big word in this sentence is "see." You can't become a photographer until you learn to see. And I am constantly stretching and exercising my vision - the way I see an item, a scene, a person. How do you capture emotions and feelings in a photograph that will immediately transfer to the person viewing the shot? Not only the feelings and emotions shown in the photo, but the feelings and emotions felt by the person behind the lens.

Case in point - Sunrise:

The Earth Says Hellooooo

What emotions or feelings do you get from this scene?

I see the glory of a new day with its brilliant sunlight. The fog rising from the water emits the feeling of rising from a restful sleep to meet a new day that is filled with possibilities. And the lone fisherman in his boat gives me the wonderful feeling of being free and alone with nature and my God. A meditative scene for me... you may see something quite different because your vision is very personal to you!

Stretch and exercise your vision!